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eNews from Friday, October 2, 2009

Iowa Firm ELM Rolls Out Biobased Lubricants and Greases for Consumers

Press Release -- CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, Inc. (ELM) announced the introduction to the market an array of biobased consumer lubricants. The products are the first of their kind as they are packaged in an environmental friendly kit for use in and around the household.

“To have a kit containing all the lubricants a family can use is very helpful as the products stay in the same place and can be located when needed”, said Mark Chiattello, Marketing Manager at ELM. “At the same time the products are made from renewable oils that are grown in the US and are manufactured here in the heartland of the country in Iowa” he added.

Alan Burgess, Operations Manager at ELM, is excited about the new products and having had active participation in the formulations of the products, he is convinced the products “will be a success because as a father of two young children, I think people appreciate using products that are safer to children, pets, and plants."

Interest in biobased and renewable products has grown tremendously in the past few years as petroleum prices rise and the call for more environmentally friendly products increases. The products of ELM were originally produced at the University of Northern Iowa’s National Ag-Based Lubricants Center. But, ELM made extra efforts to tone down the chemical property enhancers and add safer and environmental friendlier products. SoyLube™ LubeKit® contain 6 lubricants four of which are liquid lubricants in four different containers for ease of application on different machines like sewing machine, door hinges, or garage door and bicycle chain. Two containers have greases for RV hitch, any type of wheel and slider, one is a tube of grease and the other is a tub.

“These products are not only superior lubricants, but they have about 200 degrees higher flash and fire points than similar petroleum lubricants, thus reducing the chance of fire in the house” says Mike Jensen, Sales and Product Manager at ELM. “They help reduce imported petroleum and offer a safer product for use in and around the house” he said.
ELM was formed in 2000 to commercialize products created at the University of Northern Iowa’s National Ag-Based Lubricants Center. The company is a leader in manufacturing of biobased lubricants and greases, and market its products through its own SoyLube brand or private labeled brands.

For more information about ELM, visit

Mike Jensen, ELM Sales and Product Manager - 319-277-9075
Mark Chiattello, ELM Marketing Manager - 319-277-9075

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